Company mission: Our Road

Our Road, Strada Statale 232, which crosses Oasi Zegna, was inaugurated by our founder Ermenegildo Zegna in December 1938. It is both real and symbolic. It weaves together and connects our achievements while also representing OUR ROAD TO TOMORROW. This road is our legacy and brings together our founder’s most important actions: the establishment of a wool mill, the development of a brand and the creation of a Group with a one-of-a-kind manufacturing platform – as well as the preservation of natural territory of 100 square kilometres, Oasi Zegna. Oasi Zegna is an ecosystem that was created before the term ecosystem was even coined, and it represents the physical manifestation of our sustainable ethos. We are a 111-year-old company with the determination and intention to continue to grow for the next 111 years and beyond.

As a Group we remain committed to upholding our legacy based upon the principle that a business’s activities should help the environment. We are creating a lifestyle that is in tune with the rhythm of modern times, while nurturing a bond with the natural world to create a better present and a better future. Zegna remains a true innovator, uncompromising in our focus on quality, as we continue to dress the leaders of change. We are designing new styles for the contemporary needs, roles, and rules of the modern world. Grounded by a thoughtful vision and by a spirit to think and act inclusively and responsibly, we encourage men’s better nature. Our founder had a clear vision to weave the fabric of a brighter future. And as we move forward, further into this century and as a public company, we continue his legacy of weaving together the fabric of society, culture, and a new style of life.